Cheers to you!

  • October 15, 2018
Cheers to you Social

Cheers! – So many would say and clink the glasses together. Well, if you really want to know, proper etiquette dictates otherwise.

Before sharing 6 tips on drinking etiquette, we thought of sharing how drinks are served:

1. Before dinner, aperitif drinks, like dry alchol, are served which are known to stimulate appetite.

2. Distilled spirits or hard alcohol are not served during dinner. If they are served before, they are normally mixed with a soft drink or juice.

3. White wine is usually served with fish and pasta.

4. Red wine is usually served with red meats.

5. Champagne or dessert wine is served during the dessert course.

6. Tea or coffee is served after dinner, usually with dessert.

Did you know?

1. Do not bang your glass with a utensil to draw attention. This is common when toasting but all you really need to do is stand up, lift your glass and wait. To those who do not drink alcohol, you may fill your glass with another beverage of your choice.

2. Don’t drink to yourself – If the host proposes a toast in your honour, don’t drink to yourself. You may do so after everyone has taken their drink and placed their glasses back on the table.

3. You do not need to clink your glasses. Cheers! Raise the glass and drink.

4. Moving away from alcholic beverages to the most popular beverage of all – water and ice. However thirsty you may be, do not gulp it all down, do not crush the ice with your teeth and do not be tempted to take an ice cube in your mouth because you will most likely have to see how it’s going back in the glass. And that is a no no.

5. When you are eating, do not drink while you still have food in your mouth. First, finish what you are eating and then sip – sip not gulp. It is also poor etiquette to stain your glass with food so you may use the napkin before drinking.

6. When drinking, you should avoid tilting your head back. Tilt the glass.

Drink responsibly and cheers to all!

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