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adjective UK   /jʊˈniːk/
being the only existing one of its type or, more generally, unusual or special in some way.


Whether it’s just one area from one of the training programmes we offer or if it’s a full programme that needs to be developed to meet your requirements or that of your employees or dependants, then we will work with you to achieve it.



First Class Etiquette embraces the concept of flexibility and encourages individuals to distinguish themselves. We are committed to providing the best suitable training programme to meet individuals’ different needs based on their educational background, their work experiences and what they want to achieve.


We listen. Attentively and effectively. We will then work with you to develop a programme that is tailor-made to you, your needs and to help you achieve your objectives.


We will discuss with you mutually convenient dates and times to deliver your selected programme.


Tailor-made from start to finish. Together we will select the ideal location to deliver the training. This could be at a location of your choice or at one of our selected 5 star hotels for a truly First Class experience.

some programmes we’ve developed

∞   Titles and forms of address

∞   Cross-culture negotiations

∞  Etiquette for the chauffeur

∞  Business etiquette and customer care

∞  Business etiquette at corporate events

∞  Email, social media and etiquette at the place of work

∞  Basic etiquette for ushers and guest relations staff

∞  Workplace etiquette

∞  Etiquette for enhanced customer satisfaction

∞  Successful delivery of presentations

other programmes or solutions we can work on

∞  This is up to you. Your needs. Your expectations. Your goals.

how we deliver them

∞  During a business breakfast

∞  At a business lunch

∞  Joining you at a networking session

∞  Being part of your team building event or other company related event

∞  In a usual training session format

∞  Sitting with you at a business dinner

∞  At conferences and events

∞  Any other idea you may come up with


For more information on how we can develop a programme for you or your employees or students, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.



Distinguish Yourself.

Master every situation with confidence and grace.

Tuition is delivered in English or Maltese and includes dynamic expert instruction, refreshments or lunch (when applicable) and a certificate of attendance.

Let's work together, on the right solution for you

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