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“Whether you lead a nation, an enterprise, a community or a family, we are all in the communication business”

Robin S. Sharma


The Leadership & Effective Communication seminar, delivered by Clive Cusens, is primarily designed for organisations who wish to train their managers and/or top-level executives. It can, however, be tweaked to appeal to front-line staff (those who deal with the client directly). This seminar touches upon a number of different areas and can include a number of the following modules:

  • Analysis of management roles and management styles
  • Asking the right questions to get the right answers (including the technique of pre-supposition)
  • How to make meetings more efficient
  • The difference between an interruption and an interjection (and how to deal with either)
  • Making proposals, offering counter-proposals and concessions
  • Closing a negotiation
  • Dealing with difficult and volatile situations:


    • Giving constructive criticism
    • Disagreeing effectively
    • Saying ‘no’ effectively
    • Dealing with complaints


The seminar takes place over a full day, with 6.5 hours of instruction and practice, 2 short coffee breaks and a lunch break, and is designed for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants. This is due to the fact that the training will include 2 in-depth simulations. The nature of these simulations will depend on your organisation’s specificities, so a free consultation will be provided to you in order to give the participants as realistic a scenario as possible in each of the simulations.




Distinguish Yourself.

Master every situation with confidence and grace.

Tuition is delivered in English.

Clive Cusens
Clive Cusens


Clive Cusens is a Language and Communications specialist. With a long and diverse international career spanning five countries in the fields of diplomacy, public speaking and language teaching, Clive has coached several high-profile clients such as EU politicians, Secretaries-General, top-level management and even celebrities in the areas of language and communications, as well as in public speaking.

He has a Masters in EU International Relations & Diplomacy Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, is a Cambridge-certified teacher of English and worked in a number of EU institutions as well as a diplomat for the Republic of Malta in Brussels.

He founded Eloquent Language in 2016 and now focuses on delivering seminars to companies and also coaches one-to-one clients.

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