Event Management


The success of an event never depends on one person alone.

A specialised programme ideal for anybody managing an event and for their staff.


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Today, event management showcases your expertise and skills from the planning stage right up to the end of the event.  A basic understanding of protocol is also essential. Protocol is the science by which rules are followed and which, through years of history, tradition and conventions, allows for situations without chaos.







Whether you are organising a wedding, a ball, a conference or a product launch, our specific event management training programme will take you through all the steps necessary to successfully organise an event that will leave your mark.







Hardly anything goes perfectly well.

You will learn how to handle crisis situations, last minute cancellations, last minute confirmations by guests through a contingency plan tutorial. Once you build your confidence in the know that what you are doing is correct, you’ll keep loving what you do even more.







Employees in the diplomatic field, VIP event organisers, personal assistants, marketing personnel, embassy staff, employees in government and corporate entities, wedding planners and individuals in the hospitality industry or just aspiring to develop their career in any of the above will benefit from this training.







Relieve event management stress. 

Know how to seat your guests.

Know how to position flags correctly.

Know what to do when a guest does not turn up at the last minute.

Know your communication skills with the media.

Know how to address guests correctly.

Know when to delegate and to who.

Feel confident in everything you do.






This specialised training programme will clear any doubts you may have in your line of work. As you are usually working in the background to ensure that the event is a success, you will learn all the whys, the hows, the wheres and the whens of the job.






Upon successful completion of this programme, you will 

  • Have a deeper understanding of protocol and why it is important for such events;
  • Draw a guest list, write invitations correctly and devise a follow-up plan;
  • Confidently organise high-profile social and business events, conferences, weddings and any other event;
  • Correctly prepare table seating plans by applying English, French or International practices;
  • Handle contingency situations and adapt your decision making skills to the type of event;
  • Use correct flag protocol and national anthems;
  • Apply and incorporate business and social etiquette procedures;
  • Organise press conferences and communicate effectively with media;
  • Understand the diverse dining practices;
  • Write the correct titles and forms of address.


For more information or if you are interested in registering for this programme, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.



Distinguish Yourself.

Master every situation with confidence and grace.

Tuition is delivered in English or Maltese and includes 2 days of dynamic expert instruction, lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance.

Plan, organise and manage your events successfully!

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