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“The most universal quality is diversity.”
Michel de Montaigne, 1580


Diversity – In our world without borders, diversity encompasses acceptance and respect towards individuals of different cultural orientations. Understanding and recognising the differences of each individual that crosses our path is critical for successful cross-cultural encounters.

Have you ever thought whether you have a monocultural mindset or an intercultural/global mindset? Our aim is to move you towards the latter.

Being sensitive to the ‘norms’ of different cultures is increasingly recognised across the global spectrum of educational and business institutions as a central capability for the 21st century (Hammer, 2011).

Whether we differ in race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, political beliefs or other ideologies, we must embrace tolerance and improve our way of thinking and our behaviour when we work with other cultures.

As you navigate on this page, we welcome you as you take your first step to becoming a truly intercultural business person. Through our Cross-Culture Awareness training program we will work together to improve your understanding on the different beliefs, values and traditions that shape social and business decisions across the globe.

Understanding the importance of ‘knowing before you go’ will position you at the forefront with your business partners. Whether you are doing business in Greece, Japan or Uruguay your level of preparation will determine your success in these countries and others.

‘Right’ or ‘wrong’ no longer exists in the way we conduct business globally. We must recognise that we do things differently. And what better way to show respect to your business partners, than to take the time to learn about their history, traditions and cultural orientations.

To provide you with a truly intercultural training programme, we will cover the following:




European Culture

Gain a better understanding of the cultural differences in Western, Central and Eastern European countries. Learn how their history has impacted their behaviour and communication.







North American Culture

Build strong relationships in a country that has spearheaded business etiquette. A country that does not need to know you to do business and where remote transactions are the norm.






Businessmen in a meeting


Middle Eastern Culture 

From the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, to Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman, learn about the great differences between these cultures and our western norms.







Asian Culture

Walk through the cultures of India, China and Japan and discover the wonders of the Asian culture while understanding their deep meaning of spirituality and their exotic cuisine.








African Culture

Treating Africa as having one cultural orientation for the continent is not wise. Develop your knowledge on the different regions of this country to increase your potential for business success.







Latin American Culture 

Understand and appreciate the concepts of the Hispanic/Latino culture and their behaviour in Central and South America.





Poor cultural sensitivity gives way to misinterpretations and perceived misbehaviour in international business settings. Called off negotiations and sales indicate this and are eventually seen through the company’s bottom line.


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Tuition is delivered in English or Maltese and includes 2 days of dynamic expert instruction, lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance.

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