International Social Etiquette

Enjoy every experience in business and in life. 

Polished, with confidence and grace.


A training programme delivered under licence from The International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London.


Embark on a journey that will take you through the history of etiquette, its formation through the years and most importantly the ‘why’ we do things the way we do and ‘why’ we behave the way we do.

This programme is ideal for women and men of all ages who are interested in learning how to master the techniques of high society dining, the notions of elegant walking, standing and gracefully descending the stairs as well as the art and etiquette of English afternoon tea.

Prepare to enjoy yourself and be sure that at the end, you will be able to get through every situation you find yourself in with confidence, and ease.

The Finishing Touch is UK’s Minding Manners’ leading finishing school à la carte programme. Prepare to upgrade your social success and confidence in three days. Developed as a modular contemporary social etiquette programme, you may choose which modules to take or opt for a complete Finishing Touch by joining us for the duration of the course.

This highly interactive social etiquette programme is offered bi-annually in Malta over three days, and includes:

shutterstock_223336921Day 1

Module 1: International Social Etiquette

Discover the social codes of British and Continental European as well as international behaviour around the world. Learn how to master formal and informal introductions and how to use correct forms of address. Together we will practice the social skills of meeting, greeting and building harmonious relationships through an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences. On completion, you will be able to distinguish British social from international business etiquette by recognising the different handshakes, their meaning and the messages conveyed through non-verbal communication, starting you on the road to become a discerning individual.

Module 2: Personal Image and Society Dress Codes

Learn the rules that define the appropriate clothing for different events. Our clothes convey messages through colour, style and coordination of attire, so distinguishing between fashion and elegance is key.  Master the secrets of selecting quality garments while being versatile in dressing an outfit up or down to take you from the office to the cocktail evening party with class.

Module 3: The Art of Entertaining and Being Entertained 

Hosting an event is no mean feat. Whether you are entertaining a group of three or organising an event for 50, you will learn the duties of being an excellent host leaving a lasting impression with your guests. The interactive part of this module will include the planning and execution of such events from the invitation to the ‘thank you’ note sent after the event. Applying the basics of protocol and order of precedence you will be able to put together guest lists, seating plans, menus and coordinate receiving lines to ensure a successful outcome. On the other hand, if you are a guest at an informal dinner or a state banquet, we will talk through the duties expected of you as a guest in both formal and informal situations.

Social Etiquette

Day 2

Module 4: The Art of the Table

This module is rated as the most enjoyable and exciting one of this training programme. Highly interactive and practical in every way, you will discover the art and beauty of the various ways in setting a table. Understanding the differences between French and English table setting, seating arrangements and manners and why they are so different will ensure you’ll be confident and enjoy every dining experience coming your way, whether you’re a host or a guest.

Module 5: Elegant Formal Dining Tutorial

A formal hands-on 6-course dining tutorial in the elegant restaurant of our specially selected 5-star hotel. You will learn how to master the techniques of refined dining from the moment you are escorted to your table through to the end of the luncheon or dinner. Get ready to impress with your skills in properly slicing cheese and the fruit course. Of particular interest will be understanding the distinct dining styles of the English and French. Decoding the dos and don’ts of other cultures as well as other international dining styles will also be covered.

Module 6: Social Etiquette and The Art of Communication

Are you certain you are communicating effectively? Best communicators listen with their ears and eyes and this is because apart from listening, focussing on the other person with attention is critical. The way you say something is important as much as the way you say it. That is why it is called the ‘art’ of communication. During this module you will learn the secrets to communicate effectively through voice, speech and elocution as well as through non-verbal communication. Strengthen your presence by projecting yourself confident and polished in every situation.

Networking - Man with cup of teaDay 3

Module 7: The Art and Etiquette of English Afternoon Tea

Take a step back in time to learn and appreciate how this tradition has come to be. Enjoyed by many as one of life’s pleasures, get ready to enjoy this delightful hands-on tutorial that includes an elegant tea meal. We’ll go through the differences between cream tea, afternoon tea, high tea and royal tea and you’ll also learn how to successfully host an afternoon tea yourself.


Module 8: Posture, Poise and Deportment

Elevate your personal presence by projecting confidence, elegance and class through your actions by holding up proper posture and appropriate non-verbal communication. You will learn how to stand and walk gracefully, how to sit properly as well as the dos and don’ts of gesturing. Particularly for ladies, emphasis will be made on how to walk elegantly in heels, how to descend a staircase and master getting in and out of a car. Gentlemen will improve their skills on how to properly escort a lady, how to assist with the removal and putting on of coats as well as understand the different behaviour expected in social and business situations.

Module 9: British Etiquette and Royal Protocol

A unique tutorial to provide you with an insight into the social codes and practices of the English aristocracy. Discovering the alluring world of ‘Royal Etiquette’ is sure to be an enjoyable experience.


For more information or if you are interested in registering for this programme, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.




Distinguish Yourself.

Master every situation with confidence and grace.

Tuition is delivered in English or Maltese and includes dynamic interactive etiquette lessons, expert instruction, tutorial meals and refreshments (when applicable) and a certificate of attendance.

Master every situation with confidence and grace

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