Graduation Day in Belgium

  • January 24, 2016
23rd January, 2016 – Brussels, Belgium

Graduation – Ramona graduates at the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy (ISPD) in Brussels. She successfully completed a Master of Arts in Protocol and Soft Diplomacy Skills

The ISPD is Europe’s leading academic institution. Solely dedicated to studies in these fields, they combine the fields of protocol, diplomacy and cross cultural relations. Bringing students a unique range of study programmes. They are designed and developed by academics from a multi-cultural perspective. The ISPD was born out of the need for an academic institution that prepares and certifies professionals in the field of international procedures and relations.

The MA programme offered a complete education in the fields of Protocol, Soft Diplomacy and Cross-Cultural Relations. Modules included symbolism and the world of flags, invitations and gifts, protocol at the table, official events, press conferences, seating arrangements for events, organisation of  conferences and official visits, media relations and cross-cultural relations with the Middle East, Asian, American and European cultures.

This expands First Class Etiquette’s portfolio of training programmes and consultancy services, complementing the International Business Etiquette programme.